Al-Insyirah Midwifery: Journal of Midwifery Sciences was founded in 2012 which is a journal published by STIKes Al Insyirah Pekanbaru based on the need and importance of midwifery science publications. This journal was published in printed media and obtained the ISSN (2338-2139) with a decree number. 005.0250 / JI.3.02 / SK.ISSN / 2013.04 which is published twice a year. Due to technological developments, STIKes Al Insyirah also published this journal in online media starting from the edition of Volume 7, Number 2, October 2018 and obtained ISSN (2622-3457) with SK number 0005.26223457 / JI.3.1 / SK.ISSN / 2018.07 on the date 30 July 2018. On 11 February 2019 the Al-Insyirah Midwifery journal website underwent a change to (previously